Metalworx have Wellington City's only comprehensive machine shop equipped to handle a wide range of machining requirements. 

Metalworx machine operators are highly skilled in their field and enjoy a challenge in their work. All work is completed to a high standard and to specified precise tolerances. 

Metalworx have the added advantage of providing their customers with a one-stop-shop facility enabling both fabrication and machining operations to happen under the same roof.


 Machining Services include:

  • 3 Lathes ranging from 3mm ~> 900mm diameter swing up
  • to 4m in length. 750mm diameter over the saddle
  • Milling Machine: 500x700mm bed stroke. 500mm depth travel.
  • Small in line boring, facing, keyway cutting, slitting, general milling
  • Keyway broaching for pulleys and gears of various sizes