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Fabricating a Marae for Te Papa
The frame for the marae at Te Papa fabicated in Metalworx's workshop and installed at Te Papa
Ballustrading for a new deck
Fitting custom-fabricated ballustrading to a new deck for a customer
Muffler at Port of Wellington
Delivering a fabricated muffler to the Port of Wellington for the Seaworks Sea Patroller
Muffler for Seaworks Sea Patroller
Muffler fabricated by Metalworx for the Seaworks Cable Patrol boat
Children's Sandpit Diggers
Sandpit diggers for kids built by Metalworx
Aluminium Filter for Midland Park Fountain
Aluminium Filter fabricated by Metalworx and installed on site at Midland Park
80t Hydraulic Press
Bending 25x12mm Flat Bar for the fabrication of painter's brackets in 80t press
Trench Guard
Fabricated PFC Trench Guard for Multicivil
Ballustrade for a small deck
Fabricated ballustrade custom built for a small deck
Bending & Shaping steel
An example of bending and shaping steel
Fabricated frame for a skeleton whale
Custom frame fabricated by Metalworx for Te Papa for mounting a whale skeleton
Machining Shaft
Machining operations at Metalworx
Larger Machining job
Example of machining capability at Metalworx
Fabricated Aluminium Bumper for Trailer
Rear bumper for trailer fabricated by Metalworx
Gate installation
Fabricate tracks and install gates at Williams & Adams car dealership
Structural Steel work
Fabricated crank beam for structural application to engineer's requirements
Modifications to Offroader
Modifications to offroader as required by the customer
Spring loaded Ramps fitted to trailer for ride on lawnmowers
Fabricated and fitted to trailer for loading and unloading ride on lawnmowers
Hand Rail on Boat ramp
Fabricated handrail for boat ramp fitted on site by Metalworx
Cuba St Bucket Fountain refurbishment project
Removal, refurbishment and reinstallation of the iconic Cuba St bucket fountain in 2009
Machining job at metalworx
Removal of the Cuba St Bucket Fountain
Removing the iconic bucket fountain from Cuba Mall for refurbishment at Metalworx
Mandrel Bent Magazine Racks
EWS furniature grade tube mandrel bent to form magazine racks
Milling Machine
Example of a milling job
Machining operation at Metalworx
Project West Wind
Modifications to lifting attachment for wind turbine blades
Project West Wind - Siemens Energy
On site work at the wind farm
Machining Conveyor Rollers
Machining taper on conveyor belt rollers fabricated and machined at Metalworx
Trike Handle Bars & Speedo
Handle bars and speedo fabricated by Metalworx for Chev trike
Cutting Clearance slot in a wedge
Cutting a clearance slot into a wedge on a milling machine
Project West Wind - Siemens Energy
Repairs to weather station security fence at the wind farm
Miling a Castle nut spanner
Milling a castle nut spanner on milling machine at Metalworx
Aluminuim Safety Rail
Fabricated aluminium safety rail for inside wind turbines
Boring Bar attachment on Milling Machine
Boring capability at Metalworx
Fabricated at Metalworx, delivered and installed in house
Trailer Fabrication
Fabricating a trailer built to customers specifications
Fabrication & Machining job
Example of a combination of fabrication and machining activities
Timing Board Frame at Kilbirnie Pool
Site work at Kilbirnie pool fabricating and installing timing board
Wellington Cable Car Gates and Fences
Gates and fences along the Wellington Cable Car route fabricated and installed on site by Metalworx
Wellington Cable Car - Fencing
Security & safety fencing along the Wellington Cable Car route
Fabricated Tank
Fabrication capability at Metalworx
Children's Sandpit Digger
Childrens Sandpit digger built by Metalworx
Paper stacker
Fabricated paper stacker for a printing firm
Removal of Cuba St bucket fountain for refurbishment
Preparing to remove the Cuba St bucket fountain to carry out repairs and maintainance at Metalworx
Lift shaft in a domestic property
Lift shaft for a domestic property fabricated in Metalworx's workshop and installed on site
Fireplace Hood
Fabricated fireplace hood to suppliied specifications
Custom modifications to a motorcycle
Bike to trike conversion custom modifications to customer's requirements
Part of a children's activity at Te Papa for a nautical display
Rolled and fabricated by Metalworx and used in a nautical display at Te Papa
Wellington Cable Car Gates & Fences
Fabrication and installation of Gates and Fences along the Wellington Cable Car route